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2022 Design and Architecture (d+a) – Issue 125.2022
The Perfect Ensemble (Aira Residence)
2021 Developing a Fengshui-based Strategic Decision Making Model for Malaysia’s Property Industry
– Paper presented at the 10th International Qualitative Research Conference on 20–23 October 2021
2021 AM : The Award Issues 2021
Showrom Category : Silver Award – Aira Residence Marketing Gallery
2021 ENR Global Best Projects
Best Project, Residential / Hospitality : AIRA Residence
2019 Performance Trends And Lifecycle Savings Of Implemented Solar Photovoltaic System In Housing Development Under Tropical Climat.
2019 Evaluation Of Rainwater Harvesting System With Shared Built Tank In Housing Development In Tropical Climate
2015 Vertical Living – Westside II
2015 Columbia Asia Medical Centre
2015 Apennines Condominium Equips The First-Ever Car Lift In Cambodia
2014 Housing – Westside I
2013 Healthcare – Columbia Asia Hospital Puchong
2011 Columbia Asia Medical Centre
2008 Sustainable Residential Low Density Urban Development: Integrating Sustainable Consciousness With Commercial Viability
2006 Home For The Holidays
2005 Mesra Terrace