Since its establishment in 1995, Environmental Design Practice (EDP) has undertaken a diverse portfolio of projects. EDP’s forte centres on the planning and designing of intricate projects, including high-rise residential developments, commercial ventures, and complex institutional undertakings. Our practice has successfully delivered numerous medical facilities requiring the highest technical and health facility design expertise. EDP is widely considered a “hospital specialist” in the industry, having completed more than twenty hospitals in Malaysia, India, and Indonesia, and a corporate member of the Malaysia Society for Quality in Health (MSQH).

The environment is at the heart of our practice’s design approach, and we are committed to creating solutions which respect the unique characteristics of a site while being compatible with its context. We balance this ethos with our responsibility to our clients to conscientiously maximise quality and quantity and optimise cost and time. EDP is also an ‘APEC Architect’, registered, licensed and professionally recognised as an architect in a participating economy, and whose name is enrolled on a section of the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Architect) Architect Register maintained by that economy.

We are a fully-fledged and technically proficient team equipped with the latest technology and provide comprehensive architecture, medical planning, and interior design services – from design concept to completion for occupation. Experience working with international partners like HEERIM Architects & Planners and other overseas strategic alliances has further enriched and expanded our cross-cultural reach and technical know-how. Our work can be found across Malaysia and internationally in India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Myanmar.